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Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Max Factor Whipped Creme foundation

I have not been using Max Factor products for a long time, even though I used to be quite a big Max Factor fan when younger, when I first started using make up. But Max Factor is just not a very common brand where I live, so it is not very easy to find their products, which makes you buy them less, I suppose.

However, lately I have been getting Max Factor samples in pretty much every magazine I bought. More specifically, samples of their rather new Whipped Creme foundation, in the shade beige. So while I have never bought the Whipped Creme foundation myself, I have tried 6 or 7 samples of it recently, so I already have a pretty good idea of what I think of this foundation.

But before I tell you what I think of this foundation, you should know that I am very difficult when it comes to foundations. I have tried a lot of them (and reviewed quite a lot of them here on the blog, too), and if I find even the smallest flaw, I will not buy that particular foundation again. I might even stop using a particular foundation before I run out of it, if I am not happy.
But! The Max Factor foundation is just perfect if you ask me. It gives really good coverage, with a nice, matte finish, which makes your skin look flawless, yet also natural. So I can totally understand they have a background in doing the make up for Hollywood starlets, because a Hollywood starlet look is actually exactly what you get with this foundation!
I would say the coverage is pretty similar to MAC foundations, which make my skin look a bit too covered, though. So if a slightly more natural look, yet with the same coverage, is what you are looking for, this foundation might be for you!

The foundation also last for a long time, which is not the case with most foundations, I find, so a big plus because of that, too!

I will definitely purchase this foundation now that I have fun out of the samples I managed to get a hold of, especially since it seems to be rather cheap when bought as well. So I would definitely define this foundation as one that is a good value for your money!

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