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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shopped: Moschino 5 scent set

I love shopping in duty free stores at airports. Which is kind of weird, because I really, really don't like airports otherwise. But the duty free stores often have really cool sets that are hard to find elsewhere, products I probably wouldn't buy for the full price, but don't mind trying if I can get them for a really good price, as well as a lot of miniatures of products I've been dying to try.

So I do try to go to the duty free stores whenever I am travelling. And the last time I was, one of the sets I got was this 5 scent Moschino set:
It has miniature bottles of 5 different Moschino scents:
Pink Bouquet (which I have been dying to try for quite some time)
I love love
Light Cloud
Cheap and Chic.
I will be reviewing all of the scents separately, I think it's just easier, but I must say this is a really excellent set! I need smaller perfume bottles, that I can carry with me when needed anyway, and most of my other scents are all in full sized bottles, so I really should try to get these miniature sets more often!

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