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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review: Lumene Triple Stay Matt Makeup foundation

As you may remember, I reviewed a Lumene shampoo not long ago. But this was not the only new Lumene product I bought recently. I also gave one of Lumene's foundations a try, the Triple Stay Matt Makeup foundation, for oily and combination skin.

Now, what's special about Lumene is actually that they make products for Nordic skin, which I obviously have, since I am of Nordic origin. However, I now live outside of Scandinavia, which means I often have trouble finding foundations that are light enough in color for my skintone. So I was kind of thrilled when Lumene's foundation matched my skin perfectly!
However, while the Lumene foundation looked good on the outside and gave nice coverage initially, it isn't that good. Here is why:

It made my skin break out. I know this for a fact, since I used the foundation for 2 to 3 days, then broke out, so I stopped using it, but started using it again after a while, and the exact same thing happened. So I stopped using the foundation again, but wanted to be really sure that my breakouts were indeed caused by this foundation, so I started using it again after a while, and sure enough: Another breakout. So somehow, my oily/combination skin does not get along with this foundation at all!

I would also say that the lasting power of this foundation is pretty bad. I would feel the need to reapply foundation at least 3 to 4 time during one single day if I wore this to work, because the foundation just turns ugly (it's still there, but looks nothing like it did when I first applied it!) after a while, which means you basically need to wash it all off, and re-apply after a few hours.

But there are foundations out there that you can wear for a whole day without any problems, so I really see no need to even consider continuing to use a foundation that has these issues.

Also, the result was kind of blotchy and less than natural looking even when you just applied the foundation.

So I would definitely not get this foundation again! And I won't even use up the rest of it that I have. So sorry Lumene, you really did not impress me with this one..

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  1. I seriously love this foundation! I was in Finland for 3 months and I stocked up on makeup that isn't readily available in the US. Now that I'm back in the US, even in the hot humid climate of TX this foundation is still long wearing and doesn't leave any nasty patches or dry spots. I haven't had it go blotchy or ugly on me. Sorry for you bad experience!:/ To me this comes second to the Kat Von D lock it tattoo foundation(: