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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top beauty gift sets for Christmas 2012

I love the holidays, for a lot of reasons, but one of the reasons is that you can get hold of really cool beauty gifts sets this time of year, either for yourself (my favorite!) or for others you know who might appreciate them. I often take the chance to buy gift sets, not only for others, but also for myself, since they are a great way to get to try brands and products you don't know well enough to buy full size, but are interested in somehow.

Here are my picks for the top beauty gift sets that I have seen so far for Christmas 2012:
The Nip+Fab 10 Years Younger in a Box
Maybe not something you appreciate when you're 20, but if you have passed 30, like me, you certainly do. The set includes a line filler, an anti ageing cream and something to fix dark under eye circles. Perfect!

The Benefit Porefect Radiance set
Includes Benefit's famous pore minimizing cream and an eye cream.
Cowshed set that makes you less grumpy. Because who doesn't need a cheer me up from time to time?
An invigorating Cowshed set, also something most people are in need of from time to time. Or maybe it's just me in the mornings?

A Bliss set with two products I haven't had a chance to try yet, even though I am a huge Bliss fan. Includes a body butter as well as a face wash.
A Bare Minerals starter kit, comes in several different colors, for different skin tones. A great way to get started if you are interested in their products, since you get a bit of everything!

I still haven't ordered any of these myself though, since I know a lot of the kits go on sale after the holidays. So if you don't really, really need anything for yourself, and none of the sets are super important to you, I would suggest trying to get them on sale after the holidays are over. But if you are buying some beauty gift sets for Christmas for someone else, there is no getting around the full price, I'm afraid...

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