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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: Maybelline Falsies mascara

I have had the same favorite mascara for years, the L'Extreme from Lancome:
But a while ago, I ran out of my L'Extreme, and could not find a new one anywhere where I was. So I was kind of forced to try a new mascara for the first time in years. And since I had just read a book by a beauty editor who recommended using several different mascaras together for a "false eyelashes" look (something I think can be quite nice during the evening, even though I am not a fan of it during the day), I decided something called "Falsies" could help me achieve that too, if I ever used it together with the L'Extreme.

And let's face it, I also liked the fact that Falsies is a Maybelline mascara, because I think they are the drug store brand that makes the best mascaras by far. I used to be a great fan of the Great Lash mascara for years, until I found L'Extreme, after all.
So after this rather lengthy introduction, how did the Falsies mascara measure up?
Well, first of all, I must mention that this mascara has a spoon brush, and it was actually my first time using a spoon brush, and I must say I don't love it. I prefer a regular brush, it's as simple as that. But I am pretty sure a lot of people actually like spoon brushes, so if you haven't tried it, please don't let me stop you, it's definitely worth trying, and if people like it or not is mostly a matter of personal taste.

I do think the spoon brush makes your lashes curl slightly though, which is pretty nice. (I personally do not have the time or energy to use an eye lash curler every day, so that a mascara brush can do that for me, is pretty awesome!)
Besides the brush, this mascara is surprisingly good as well. It doesn't clump at all, you get results pretty fast, so you don't have to add a lot of layers if you don't want to, and it does seem to lengthen your lashes pretty fast. I wouldn't say it makes the lashes thicker though, which is actually something I like too, but as far as length goes, it works really well!

So yeah, it's a good mascara, but it does have two big cons:
First of all, it's hard to remove. I am used to the L'Extreme, which is really easy to remove, so I guess I am spoiled that way, but it did kind of bug me.
Second of all, it does flake. Not immediately, but it does after a few hours. Another big no-no for me, so I will not be getting another Falsies mascara, but I am still glad I tried this, since I was actually really surprised to see how long a budget mascara could make my lashes look. And I do think that it's a great option for anyone focusing on more length, despite the cons, the results are that amazing!

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