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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review: Beauticology Strawberry and Vanilla Truffle Body Wash

My first experience with Beauticology's body washes was a very positive one indeed (read all about that here), but sadly, the second scent I tried from Beauticology did not make me swoon as much.

The scent was called Strawberry and Vanilla Truffle, which sounds kind of yummy, and don't get me wrong or anything, it's not that this smells bad, it definitely doesn't. It's just a bit bland in comparison to the Decadent Milk Chocolate one, which is really something truly special and unique.
I definitely will use up the Strawberry and Vanilla Truffle Body Wash, but will probably not be sniffing myself obsessively afterwards, like I did with the Decadent Milk Chocolate one (if this is a good thing or a bad is up to you to decide!), and I am not in a rush to buy this again.
That said, the texture is just as lovely as it was in the first shower creme I tried, the bottle is user friendly and I do think this body wash is pretty good value for money. So should you happen to like the scent, I would definitely recommend you to buy this. I just happen to have another Beauticology favorite scent myself...

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