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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Patisserie de Bain Coconut Ice Bath & Shower Creme

I reviewed a bath & shower creme from Patisserie de Bain recently, but as I mentioned in the post about it, I actually got several shower cremes at the same time as that one. So its time to review another one of them! This time, I will tell you about another scent I really liked: the Coconut Ice one. You see, I do like coconut scents, but only in the summer. Somehow coconut is a really summery scent for me, so I cannot even imagine using coconut scented products in the winter.
Patisserie de Bain's Coconut Ice Shower Creme has a really nice coconut scent, not too strong or overpowering, just perfect. So I really liked the scent!
However, the bottle the bath & shower creme comes in is really not nice or convenient to use. So while the scent is definitely nice, I think there must be coconut scented shower gels and creams out there that come in better bottles, and I would definitely prefer those over this one!

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