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Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Rose & Co Patisserie de Bain Lemon Bon Bon Bath & Shower Cream

A while ago, ASOS, one of my favorite online stores for all kinds of stuff, really, had a sale on several beauty items, and I took the chance to pick up some stuff that looked interesting, but that I hadn't tried before then. One of the things I decided to order was a set of Patisserie de Bain Bath & Shower Cream minis, which intrigued me since:
1. I love everything French, and the name made it sound kind of French
2. I needed shower cream anyway. I use a lot of it whenever I shower, so getting several small bottles seemed like a really good idea.
3. The scents sounded divine.
I will be reviewing a few of these scents separately, but let's start with the scent that appealed the most to me when I got the set, and therefore was the one I tried first: the one called Lemon Bon Bon. I am a huge fan of anything "lemony" as some of you may know, so it really sounded like I would love this. And I actually did! The scent is really nice and does smell like lemon indeed. So I really liked the scent, and the packaging is cute as well, it has a retro feel which I personally love.
But! and this is actually a big but! the bottle is quite useless, it turned out to be really hard to get anything out of this bottle, which was a disappointment. In fact it was so bad that I could only get like a quarter of the stuff inside out, which makes me think that I probably do not want to get any Patisserie de Bain products again, since the bottle made me really annoyed. So if I had any advice to give Rose & Co about this product, it would definitely be to keep working on the bottles!

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