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I'm also hoping it will make beauty and makeup more fun, even for those who are not beauty addicts already.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: DKNY Be Delicious

Now, to be completely honest, I have only tried a sample size of this perfume, but I liked it so much that I decided to buy a bottle of this, so I think I still have a decent enough opinion on this scent in order to be able to share it.
I should start off by saying that I do not necessarily think of apples when I smell this scent, but there is definitely something "apple-y" about it if you make an effort to smell it. What it effortlessly is, however, is a fresh, light scent, that works really well during the day.
I would also describe the scent as pretty unique, I definitely have not ran into any similar scent anywhere so far!

I was also pretty impressed by the longevity. I stopped smelling this scent myself when I was wearing it, but others were complimenting me on it all through the day. So even if I could not feel the scent lingering, others clearly could, which was nice!
So as I mentioned in the beginning of the post already, I will definitely be getting a full bottle of DKNY Be Delicious very, very soon!

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