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Friday, May 9, 2014

Review: Hermes Voyage d'Hermes

I got quite a few scents at Strawberrynet a while ago, when they had special offers on all their scents. One scent that I picked up then, that was brand new to me, was Hermes' Voyage d'Hermes, a scent I had been sniffing whenever I travelled, at airport duty free shops, for quite some time before that. The thing about this scent is, though, that it is rather unique. So either you love it or hate it, I think, so this is definitely not a scent people will not notice. In my opinion, that can be both a good thing and a bad thing, so I wasn't sure if I wanted such a distinctive scent or not.

Now that I have this perfume, though, I am glad I do, because the scent is rather nice, even though not suitable for all occasions, if you ask me. It has a rather woody, yet musky and fresh feel at the same time, which is rather interesting, but not for everyone, I think. If you do not like woody scents, for instance, this will definitely not be for you, since you can't get around the woody notes, no matter what you do.
From what I understand, all Hermes scents are rather unique and unusual, though, so they can't really be confused with other scents, and I would definitely say that is the case with Voyage d'Hermes as well!

I don't think it is very overpowering, though, so it's okay that the scent is distinctive due to that. The longevity of the scent is also really good as well, it lasts for much longer than most other perfumes I have (and none of them are what you would call low end, we are talking big brands here!). That is a rather tricky and unusual combination
The bottle I got was a refillable one, and I definitely think I will get a refill for this bottle when I run out of this scent!

I should also mention that the scent is a unisex one, so I think it will appeal mostly to those who like unisex scents to begin with (personally I love them!).

The only complaint I might possibly have about this buy is that the bottle somehow does not feel very upscale, which is something I would expect from a Hermes bottle, to be honest. So the bottle is a bit of a disappointment, but try as I may, I cannot really complain about anything else at all. I simply love this, and am so happy I got it!

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