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Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: Moschino Chic Petals

I am a huge fan of Moschino scents, as I've mentioned several times on the blog already (you can read about some of my favorite Moschino scents here, here and here, for instance), so I was pretty excited when I noticed that they had released a new scent that I hadn't tried yet, called Chic Petals.
Unfortunately, this scent turned out to be the least original Moschino scent I've ever tried. It's hardly anything remarkable at all, and like other Moschino scents, it doesn't have the best staying power either.
Chic Petals is supposed to be a mix of pomegrenade (a scent I personally don't think should be in a perfume anyway, but hey, maybe that's just me?), wild strawberry, red rose petals, red ginger, musk and wood, as well as a few other things, but in my opinion it just makes a rather boring, yet not unpleasant scent, which is why I used up the bottle despite not being a big fan.

The bottle and the packaging is really cute, though, but that is not something specific for Chic Petals, but rather for Moschino scents in general.

So I think Chic Petals was definitely a disappointment, and I won't be buying it again, especially not since there are so many other nicer Moschino scents out there!

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