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Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Lilac Thyme Soap Company Natural Face Mask with Rose Clay and Raspberry

So this is one of the products that I got in my Beautylishious beauty box a while ago, and as I mentioned in the post that I wrote about the beauty box itself, this mask is quite different from other face masks I normally use, which intrigued me quite a bit. You see, this jar actually only contains a very fine powder, that looks pretty much like face powder (it even has the same color a bit!), and when you want to apply the face mask, you are supposed to take some of the powder, mix it with some water (not very much, though) and create the mask yourself.
I've never had face masks that I had to mix myself, but it's really not very much work, so I don't mind it too much. It can easily get kind of messy though, which annoys me (read about how another messy face mask, Laline's Hot Mama, annoyed me in the past here), so I would say that the messiness is definitely the biggest downside of this Lilac Thyme Soap Company mask.
I also can't say that I got any really amazing results using this face mask, but then again, I don't with most face masks, so that doesn't necessarily mean that the mask is bad in any way, more that my skin is really annoying!
I did like the fact that I got the chance to try a brand new brand due to the Beautylishious beauty box, I don't think that I would have ever tried the Lilac Thyme Soap Company products otherwise. And the natural face mask with rose clay and rasberry has a really cool concept, if you ask me, because it's wonderful for those who really have a lot of time to spare for pampering themselves (and cleaning up the bathroom afterwards!). I'm just not sure I am one of those people, so I probably wouldn't buy this again, but would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for more natural and unique skin care products! It's definitely interesting to try!

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