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I'm also hoping it will make beauty and makeup more fun, even for those who are not beauty addicts already.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Soap & Glory Pulp Friction body scrub

This is another new Soap & Glory product I've been trying lately. And I quite like it! It's what Soap & Glory themselves call a foaming body scrub, which is actually really nice, since it makes the scrub more pleasant to use, in comparison with a regular body scrub, at least if you ask me.

It's not the most effective body scrub I've ever tried, but it's great for those who want to have a little bit of a scrub every day, since I definitely think it's gentle enough for every day use if you feel like it.
I also quite like the scent, I've learned it's Soap & Glory's Fruitigo scent, which was new to me until I tried this, but I immediately liked it quite a lot.

The packaging is quite nice as well, and really suitable for keeping in the shower.
So all in all, this was a nice, although maybe not a very groundbreaking, product, and I definitely think I will be getting this again!

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