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Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: Kava Kava Rescue Shampoo for Dry, Frizzy and Rebellious Hair

I've tried Kava Kava products for blonde hair before (read my reviews here, here and here), and I loved them, so when I spotted some other Kava Kava products in a store that seemed to suit my hair type, I thought there would surely be no harm in trying those too.
That's how the Kava Kava Rescue Shampoo, along with a hair mask from the same range, ended up in my bathroom.
And I am happy to report that this Kava Kava shampoo is just as lovely as the other one I've tried. It has a very unusual pink color, that makes the shampoo look really cool and different (I'm such a sucker for those kinds of things!), and the scent is amazing too!

It also lathers really well, so you don't need to use a lot of shampoo to get your hair clean, and the packaging is chic but also original, so I pretty much love everything about this shampoo!
I think Kava Kava is definitely one of the better hair care brands that I've tried in a long, long time, and I will definitely buy both this shampoo, as well as all the other products by them that I've tried already again! They're just that good, even though the brand is still fairly unknown! But sometimes it really pays off to try some lesser known brands, Kava Kava is perfect proof of that!

If Kava Kava is not sold where you live, I see you can quite often find their products, including this shampoo, I believe, on Ebay.

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