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Friday, December 6, 2013

Review: Lancome Tresor perfume

When shopping at Sephora in Paris, I was also given a sample of Lancome's scent Tresor, a scent I believe I have tried before, a long, long time ago. But I remembered nothing about this scent when I tried it again, and when I did, I understood why. It really isn't a scent that appeals to me in any way, you see. It feels like a typical old lady scent, somehow. So I would be very surprised if I caught a lot of young women wearing this.
It's a very sweet scent, with apricot flower, vanilla, peach and rose, just to mention a few of the notes, and it's rather strong too, so while I usually like both sweet and long lasting scents, this is just way too much for me!

I would imagine it would be a good option for people:
Who are looking for very strong, bold scents
Who are a bit older
Who are looking for something to wear to special occasions.
But an every day use perfume this is definitely not! And I doubt that I will ever be getting this scent myself, it just is not for me on any level. If I was offered a sample in the future, I might even turn that down, to be honest!

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