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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finding beauty products and make up cheaper: A guide to Ebay

While I love beauty products and make up, I find that many products, especially from the better known brands, can often be quite expensive. This is why I have come up with several ways to find these products for cheaper. I buy things online, in online stores like Strawberrynet, I buy stuff in tax free stores on airports when I travel, but most of all; I try to find the products I like on Ebay.

I am a huge fan of Ebay otherwise too, and I buy everything from clothes, shoes and books there, but I have found that Ebay is especially convenient when you want to buy small things, such as beauty products, because the shipping costs are really low, and often even free, no matter where you live in the world.

Another great thing is that you can find pretty much anything on Ebay, so no matter if you like luxury brands like Chanel or Dior, or more unknown brands, you will be able to find everything you could ever want here.

There are some things you should keep in mind however, when you shop on Ebay, especially if you buy cosmetics and beauty products, in order to really get good deals and not end up with bad products, so here are some tips I have learned along the way while shopping on Ebay, regarding this:

Always check the size
This is something that can be rather tricky, because a lot of products that may seem cheap on Ebay, are actually not. Instead, you are getting a very small version of the product, and not the full size. This can even be the case even if the picture in the auction in question is of a full size product, it could still say somewhere in the description that it is actually a travel size or trial size. So always make sure you understand what size you are getting, so you don’t end up paying too much for a really small product!

If you want to compare the prizes on Ebay to the prices for the same product in your local store or in an online store, also make sure you compare the prices for the same size, since most products are available in several different sizes.

Check if the product has an expiration date
As you are probably already aware of, a lot of beauty products and cosmetics have expiration dates. You do not want to buy old products or products that are about to expire very soon, since you might not have time to use them before the expiration date, and products that are too old, could easily give you allergies or a rash or something. So always read the description to find information about expiration dates, and if no information is available, send a message to the seller to ask about it. Better safe than sorry!

Look out for fakes
Not a very common problem when it comes to cosmetics, but there are plenty of fakes out there when it comes to fragrances, so if you are thinking of buying any fragrances at all, keep this in mind.

Check the seller’s feedback
This is the best way to make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller. I personally only buy from sellers who have over 99 % positive feedback from previous customers, and I also prefer sellers who have previously sold the exact product I am interested in or at least other products from the same brand. Most sellers on Ebay are okay, but sadly, there are some crooks out there too. So its always best to check these things carefully to be on the safe side!

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