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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Review: San Francisco Soap Company Coconut Mango hand cream

It's been getting colder where I live in the past few days, and like always when that happens, my hands have been drying up lately. While I love Soap and Glory's Hand Food (best hand cream EVER!), I decided to start off using another hand cream I had never tried, but got in my latest GlamGuru box, instead to battle this issue. I was pretty sure San Francisco Soap Company's hand cream would be no contender, since I am usually utterly disappointed in most hand creams I try, but this hand cream is actually pretty good! I wouldn't say it's better than Hand Food, but it comes pretty close.
So why do I like it?
First of all, the scent is really nice. I don't have a lot of coconut scented products since I feel it's one of those scents that can easily be messed up, and I do think a lot of manufacturers do that with their coconut scents for some reason. So I actually dislike a lot of coconut scented products, because I feel they just.... well, stink, but this Coconut Mango hand cream has a really nice, fresh and summery scent that I just love!
(I must say I can really feel the mango though. So if you are after a more mango scented hand cream, this is probably not what you are looking for)
The San Francisco Soap Company Coconut Mango hand cream also absorbs fast, which is important for me, as I hate walking around with sticky hands for too long, and it moisturizes really well! So I would definitely get this again, I really liked this hand cream!


  1. That certainly sounds like something I would need. I definitely need a cream to keep my skin from being too dry, especially here in the bay.


  2. Coconut and mango are my two favourite aromas so I should love this!
    xx Ursula from Curves and crosses

  3. We've been wanting to try the hand food for awhile but have still yet to pick it up. Great post doll!