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Sunday, July 1, 2012

MAC Skin Refresher, Prep + Prime Skin Base and Cleanse Off Oil

So I have been getting accquainted with quite a few new MAC products lately. (Read previous reviews here, here and here)
One of the most interesting things to try for me was the Skin Refresher Spray, the Prep + Prime Skin Base and the Cleanse Off Oil that was sold to me in a set:
This is because I had never used sprays on my skin before applying make up before, so I was interested to know if there was actually any use to that. And while I have tried primers (like the Prep + Prime Skin Base) before, I must say I do not use them regularly.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Skin Refresher Spray, I thought it would not have a very long lasting impact, but after having used it for a couple of weeks, I actually think it does. It leaves your skin very moist and fresh looking which I love. So I will definitely be getting another one of these sprays once I run out of this one! (which won't take that long, I think, since I have been using it every day since I got it, and the bottle I bought was a small one to begin with)
Like I said, I am by no means a primer expert, but I must say the Prep + Prime Skin Base worked wonders too. It smooths your skin instantly (and leaves it that way), but still doesn't make the skin look greasy or oily, which I love. So definitely a good buy as well, and I think I will be buying this Skin Base again as well.
The worst product out of the bunch was by far the Cleanse Off Oil. Which isn't to say it was very bad, actually. But it just does the job, nothing more, nothing less. But since I suppose that is what a Cleanse Off Oil is supposed to do anyway, I would still say it's good. It does what it promises, after all.

I guess I just got so much more than I expected with the other two products that the Cleanse Off Oil not being anything out of the ordinary was a bit of a dissapointment...
But if you have a chance to buy this set (I believe it is a travel set), it is definitely a great purchase, so go for it! I am so happy I did!

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