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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: Paul & Joe skin care products

I've been trying the Paul & Joe skin care products mentioned here for the last days, and while I don't like writing negative reviews (I always try to be positive, after all, and most products have something good about them, since I don't buy really low end beauty products) I have to say I don't think skin care is really Paul & Joe's thing.

Out of this bunch, consisting of a deep cleansing milk, a toner, a moisture lotion and a lip product, the cleansing milk was by far the worst product. It left the skin feeling dirty (I am not sure it actually was, maybe it was cleaned well, but it felt oily and not clean at all after I rinsed it off. Now, I like my skin to feel clean and bare after I rinse a cleansing product off, before I use toner and moisturizer, and this cleansing milk did not do that for me at all. Instead, it gave me the feeling I should use another cleanser to get the Paul & Joe cleanser off!

The smell of the cleanser and the moisture lotion is great though, it smells like mandarine a bit, which is really nice. The toner is okay, but nothing special and the moisture lotion is nice to use but did not give great results in any way.

The biggest downside to all these products is however, that you need to use a lot of them since a small amount is not enough. So if you do end up getting Paul & Joe skin care products (I would recommend you not to, but I know not everyone will take that into consideration), be prepared to use them up fast!

So to sum it up, I would say that Paul & Joe skin care is really not a good buy. There is so much great skin care out there, so while Paul & Joe is a great brand for other things, I would stick to one of the more reputable brands for skin care instead!

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