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Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: L'Occitane D'Angelique Cleanser

My previous post was a review of the L'Occitane D'Angelique (or Angelica) moisturizer, but I did mention that I have been trying some other products from the same range too. So I think it is time to tell you some more about another one: the cleanser from the same range. The L'Occitane D'Angelica cleanser is actually a gel cleanser, that turns into a light foam when you combine it with water. I am actually more of a cream cleanser kind of gal, but I thought using a foaming gel cleanser was a nice change.

I also liked that the L'Occitane Angelica cleanser had such a neutral, yet fresh and natural smell, I think a lot of people would appreciate that, and the packaging is really cute.
However, my skin did not feel completely clean after using this cleanser, but it still turned kind of tight and itchy, so I really did not like that the L'Occitane D'Angelique cleanser did to my skin. Another complaint I have about it is that you had to use quite a lot of the product each time you wash your face, which is not something I like, I prefer longer lasting products than this one.

So while I am generally a L'Occitane fan, I must say neither the L'Occitane Angelica cleanser or moisturizer were as good as I usually find L'Occitane's products to be, which was a slight disappointment for me. I did find the moisturizer to be much better than the cleanser though, so while I would consider getting the moisturizer again, I probably won't be buying the L'Occitane D'Angelique cleanser again. It was just too problematic for my skin, and if you think of how fast you'd run out of a bottle, quite expensive too.

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