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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: L Occitane Angelique Moisturizer

Another thing I got on my recent trip, besides the H&M foundation mentioned in the previous post, was some L'Occitane products,  from their D'Angelique range, which I haven't had a chance to try until now, despite being a huge L'Occitane fan.

The first product from the range that I am going to review is their moisturizer, or lotion, I guess you could call it. I use this with a cleanser from the same range, and I really love how it feels on! It's light, yet not too flimsy, and feels kind of luxurious, if that makes any sense.
I am not sure if it has mattified my skin in any way, like L'Occitane claims it does, but it sure hydrates really well, so I am still very happy with it, and would probably get it again. I do think this range works best as a range though, so while the L'Occitane Angelique Moisturizer is really good on it's own, I would recommend getting several products from this range if you decide to try it.
But basically, this is a really good moisturizer, but you should expect it to do any wonders when it comes to mattifying the skin. But there are other products out there that you could get for that....

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