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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner

Another product I tried when travelling recently was the Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner, because I had heard very good things about this brand, that I eventually ran into at the duty free store as well. So I decided to give this conditioner, as well as a more intensive conditioner (to be reviewed at a later time) a try.

And I must say I was pretty impressed! First of all, the conditioner smells absolutely lovely, and it feels quite lovely too. It also made my hair feel quite nice, even though I am not too sure about the shine part. My hair does not look that much shinier, but other than that, this conditioner worked really well on my hair!
I did need to use quite a bit of conditioner on my hair to make it work though, so while I had heard that you don't need to use a lot of Aussie product when you use them, I wouldn't necessarily say that's completely true about this brand. But other than that, I am very happy with my first Aussie experience, and I definitely look forward to trying some more of their products!

(the photos were taken after I used up most of the conditioner, thus the weird shape of the bottle, in case you are wondering)

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