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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review: Bliss The Love Handler

Okay, so it is time for the last Bliss review for a while. Don't get me wrong, I am still absolutely thrilled about Bliss and their beauty products, but I don't have any new products besides this one, and the ones I've already reviewed for now. But I definitely plan to get more at some point, so there will be some more Bliss reviews coming up in the future for sure!

The last product I will be reviewing for now is a liquid called The Love Handler, described by Bliss themselves as a workout for lazy abdominals. This lotion is supposed to reduce bloating in the stomach area, as well as make your skin in this area tighter and smoother, in order for your abdominals to look more toned. You can also use the lotion on any love handles on your back and waist if you have them.
I personally love the smell of The Love Handler, it is a strong minty smell, but if you are not into minty smells, The Love Handler might not be for you.

After applying the lotion, you will also feel a tingling sensation (as well as a nice, cooling sensation, which I loved, since I tried this product out during the summer), which I find kind of nice, but I do realize some may be bothered by this as well, since this is something you might not experience with other similar lotions.

I do believe this tightened my skin, after having used it for a month or so, but one should of course be aware of the fact that this is by no means a miracle product that gives you a six pack without you working out. If you are working out and want faster results, it should help you along the way, however.

So if you are in okay shape, and wish you had tighter, more toned contours around the belly, this is definitely worth a try. Unlike the FatGirlSlim starter pack, one bottle of the stuff will be enough for you to see if it works for you or not (it was for me, anyway), which is great, and one bottle also lasts for surprisingly long, since you do not need to use a lot of the lotion each time.

So all in all, a very impressive product, if you are looking for something to tighten your skin!

(I should also add that I read somewhere that you can use this product on your arms as well, so I have been using the lotion on both my mid-section and my arms for the entire time. And I got the same,  impressivly toned results on my arms as well!)

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