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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Clean and Clear Blackhead clearing 2-in-1 wash/mask

Another one of the Clean and Clear products (besides the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer) that I tried that I liked, but didn't fully see all the advantages of, was the Clean and Clear Blackhead clearing 2-in-1 wash/mask, and the reason for that was simply that I actually don't have that many blackheads. (Which probably makes you wonder why I got this product in the first place right? Well, the pharmacy where I bought it had a "Buy 3, get one free" offer on Clean and Clear products, and this seemed like the 4th best thing on offer. And I figured it would probably double as a reliable Clean and Clear facial cleanser, even if you don't have blackheads)

So if you are reading this review to see if the Clean and Clear Blackhead clearing 2-in-1 wash/mask gets rid of blackheads or not, I can't answer that, since I didn't use this Clean and Clear cleanser for that, but I must say I liked it very much otherwise. It's a mix between a facial wash and a mask basically, which means it looks like a mask, pretty much, but you leave it on for less time. Neutrogena has a very similar product as well, for those of you looking for an alternative.

I liked the smell and the texture of this wash/mask, it wasn't as heavy as some masks are, but was heavier than a simple cleanser, of course. And your skin really does feel superclean, yet not dried out afterwards! So I believe this Clean and Clear cleanser does a great job at cleansing your skin, so it could be worth trying even if blackheads aren't your main issue. I certainly liked this wash/mask a lot, despite not worrying about the whole blackhead thing so much.

If you are looking specifically for Clean and Clear blackhead fighting products, I think this could be a great buy for you, since I saw several people who bought this Clean and Clear face wash with blackheads in mind say that it is the best blackhead product they have ever used in different reviews. So I would recommend it especially for anyone looking for a cure against blackheads, but yeah, for other people with oily skin too. If you have dry skin, this product wouldn't work on you though, since it is designed to dry out acne and the skin in general as well, I believe. But anyone who has oilier skin can probably benefit from this Clean and Clear facial cleanser a lot, despite the rather funny name!

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