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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Laline Cherry Blossom Body Scrub

So I mentioned recently that I had bought quite a lot of Laline products, and now it is time for the first Laline review.

I decided to give the Laline Cherry Blossom Body Scrub a try first, as I honestly needed a really good scrub (sorry if TMI!).

And this body scrub really does the job really well!
It is kind of a rough scrub, not the gentle kind, but I personally like that, but it might make this scrub less suitable for those with sensitive skin.
Everything I wanted off, came off easily, and my skin felt strangely moisturized, yet not sticky and gross afterwards, and that is pretty rare for me. I find it rather easy to find body scrubs that scrub well, but not as easy to find something that does not leave me with some weird residue. But the Laline Cherry Blossom Body Scrub does and doesn't!

So basically I was very pleased with this body scrub, especially since the Cherry Blossom scent was really pleasant too, so I will definitely be considering this scrub again when I need a new one!

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