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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review: Roses de Chloe shower gel

Another shower gel review, that is actually really a scent review (like the previous 2 as well), since I got these shower gels mostly to get acquainted with the scents, in order to figure out if I should buy the perfumes or not.
This time, I will tell you what I thought of Chloe's Roses de Chloe.

And to sum it up (because why beat around the bush too much, am I right?): I pretty much loved it! I do love rose scents, after all, and I knew from previous experiences that I would probably like Chloe scents, too. (My sister has been wearing one of their scents for years, I believe, and it smells divine!)

But I was surprised how gentle and pretty this scent seemed. This makes it perfect for every day use, and for dates, if you ask me, and that's a pretty versatile scent, isn't it?

The bottle is just as pretty too, and I assume the actual perfume bottle would be even prettier, so I love the packaging too. The only complaint I have is that the scent doesn't stay for very long, but this is a common issue with shower gels, and does not necessarily reflect on the perfume, I think, so I think I will still be getting the perfume too.

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