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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Review: CK One Shock for Her Shower Gel

It's time to review a shower gel again!

This time, I'll tackle CK One's Shock for Her shower gel, and let me start this review by saying that I generally tend to love Calvin Klein scents (I am a huge fan of the regular CK One, for instance). And this scent is nice, too. However, I don't think it is as memorable as some other Calvin Klein scents I have had the pleasure of trying before.

This shower gel is really nice to use after you do sports, let's say and want to smell really fresh and clean. I can somehow imagine this in gym locker rooms quite easily.

For me, however, the CK One Shock for Her is just too boring of a scent, so I don't think I will be getting the actual scent, but I am still happy I gave it a try and I will definitely be using the rest of this after workouts!

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