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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review: Gucci Premiere Shower Gel

Another shower gel I had the pleasure of trying recently was the Gucci Premiere one. I actually had had no previous experiences with Gucci perfumes or scents, until I gave this shower gel a try, so I didn't really know what to expect, but I can say that this rather heavy and luxurious scent definitely embodies the brand Gucci for me. It smells Italian, sexy and expensive, somehow.

The packaging is also very Gucci-esque, due to the pattern on the box, but even though the bottle is gold colored, I do think it looks a bit cheap due to the plastic it is made of. I would assume, however, that this is not the case if you get the actual perfume, but the shower gel packaging could definitely be reworked a bit, in order to feel more luxurious.

Some of the notes in the scent are said to be vintage champagne, orange blossom, musk, white flowers and leather (how fitting for a company that is so known for their leather products as Gucci is, right?), making this what I would definitely call an evening scent, for people who go to all kinds of fancy events in my mind.

I must admit, however, that this is not really my type of scent, as I am more of a light and fresh scent kind of a girl. So this scent did turn out a bit too heavy for my taste. It just doesn't fit me, I guess. I would probably like this scent on others, though, so its definitely not a matter of the Gucci Premiere not being a nice scent, because it totally is, just not a scent that fits me so well.

Due to this, I would probably not buy the Gucci Premiere shower gel again, nor will I be getting the perfume, but I am still glad I gave this a try. I did learn, after all, that as luxurious as Gucci scents are, they are not really what I look for in a scent. Good to know!

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