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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Farmasi Cherry Peel Off Mask

I recently tried a brand that was completely new to me. In fact, so new that I had never even heard of it! The brand is called Farmasi, and apparently has Turkish origins.
The reason I decided to check them out was that I spotted their Cherry Peel Off Mask in my local pharmacy recently, and since I:
- Used to love peel off masks, but have not used them for ages
- Loooove cherries and anything that smells like cherries
I thought this might be a product I might like.

I even took a whiff of the product in the pharmacy, and thought it had a really nice scent then, but now that I've tried it, I actually cannot understand why. Because the scent upon use is far from plesant!
I would actually describe the Cherry Peel Off mask as having a scent which only reminds me of plastic. No cherries, nothing natural, just plastic through and through.

I personally think this is a really bad thing in beauty products. I don't necessarily need them to have a natural scent, in fact I quite like strong scents that are not natural too, but plastic is definitely not a scent I want to be found in my beauty products.

The mask was pleasant to use, though. And since I hadn't used peel off masks for quite some time, I had a blast peeling the mask off!

The mask is supposed to moisturize and cleanse your skin at the same time, as well as prevent black heads. While I don't have an issue with black heads (so I can't give a verdict on that), I do think this mask cleansed my skin pretty well, and I do think my skin felt a bit less dry, too!
So I would say that the mask does what it says, so it's really a shame about the scent. That will probably make me not try it again, to be honest...

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