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Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Jade Lash design mascara

This is actually a mascara that I got at the same time as I got my Pupa Ultraflex one, since I was standing in the drug store, having picked up the Pupa one, when I was approached by a saleslady who said she knew a much better mascara than the Pupa one, that she thought I should try. She gave a whole speech about this mascara, which happened to be Jade's Lash Design one, in order to persuade me to get it, and since the mascara was also on offer, making it really cheap, I decided to give it a try.
Now, I will not deny that I would probably never have tried this mascara if it wasn't for that saleslady, and if I hadn't... well, let's just say that I would not have missed out on much!
Because while this mascara separates my lashes beautifully (which is always nice, as opposed to clumping them together in an ugly way), it does not elongate my lashes or thicken them up, which are my main criteria for a mascara. It also flakes a bit, not as much as some other mascaras I've tried in the past, I must say, but still. It does not smear though...
All in all, I would call this a really unspectacular mascara with few redeeming qualities. And I've also learned that I really should stop listening to "well meaning" sales people! They seldom do any good and are probably just after their commissions anyway. In this case it really turned out that the mascara I was naturally drawn to (the Pupa one) turned out to be really good, while the one someone had to convince me to get really wasn't.... So always go with your own gut when making purchases, unless you're dealing with a really spectacular salesperson, I guess!

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